Ulster Bank

Executive Summary

Ulster Bank wanted to look at a way to support customers better through the buying process. The mortgage teams were only able to have limited contact with customers. This meant they couldn’t pass on their in-depth knowledge to more than a handful of customers at a time. Matter worked with them to help bring out this knowledge into a application that supported buyer’s through the whole journey.


Ulster Bank had a problem: the quality of their mortgage teams was so high that they were wasted on the few disjointed interactions these individuals had with customers. They were essentially some of the best informed in their local communities and were knowledgeable about the process of buying houses way beyond the buyers themselves.

What We Did

We started by looking at the conversations that were being had between the advisors and customers at these meetings. It was clear that the advisors had more to offer but limited time to share it. We then worked with the team at Ulster to understand where their knowledge could be replicated or enhanced throughout the entire buyer’s journey.

By creating a mobile app that linked that trusted knowledge and interaction, it brought a “support” network to buyers and the banking services.


Ulster Bank have reported a large number of their customers and a collection of new customers who started their house buying search through the app. The mortgage teams in the initial trial locations also reported a marked increase in their Net Promoter Score (NPS).

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