Hard Shift – Revolutionary Innovations in customer centred digital transformation.

Hard Shift – Revolutionary Innovations in customer centred digital transformation.

Tonight we threw an event and opened the floor to the wonderful world of channel shift. Londons business elite and early adopters came to hear stories from the forefront of customer centered innovation in hard environments.


We showcased the very best innovations that can and will blow your targets out of the water with a presentation of Artificial Intelligence in customer service and debate whether virtual reality is a new and useful channel.


If you think that mobile devices changed your digital transformation efforts; Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality and Behavioural Psychology are going to revolutionise it!


It was a fun filled and inspirational evening that will left everyone with an array of new approaches to transform digital challenges.


We thought we would give you a blow by blow of the evening.

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18.30 – Guests arrive and the casual conversation is flowing; “the customer age is meeting the digital age head on.”


18.45 – Hugo takes the floor with a presentation on behavioural change through psychology. He talked about how we’ve helped transform our clients digital processes by building friction into design in a positive way, using scarcity to nudge people into action and setting defaults.

He gave a great example of how we cut out 92% of basic customer queries with NOW Help Centre.


19.00 – Gerard talks about how AI is taking over and transforming customer service. Best quote of the night; “Let me tell you about the Wang Bang.”


19.15 – Impromptu discussion; will IBM Watson take my job?

Our lead designer Nic threatens to leave before he is replaced.


Question of “when” or at what point AI will threaten our jobs.

There is some concern on how the tech will be regulated in one place but not somewhere else, opening up to dodgy dealings.

Some were excited by how our jobs will be taken care of so we’ll have more time for hobbies.


19.45 – People given the opportunity to try VR headset and experience the Digital De Re Art Gallery and Shakespeare’s 12th Night apps that we’ve created with Immersivly.


“Can you imagine in 20 years when you have to explain how you used to have to drive a ton of metal to your kids,” – side chat about driverless cars.


20.00 – James and Gerard have a competitive and thought challenging debate on how VR is a valuable new channel for engaging customers.


Lots of discussion as to the value of VR against the value of AR and how things will start out like theatre becoming cinema but its a longer game to get things properly immersive.


Human engagement vs consumer engagement was a big topic and people were keen to explore the different points. Some people prefer the helping hand of VR tech rather than a new marketing channel to deal with.


Thats it! people are heading off to enjoy their new found knowledge and connections. We declare it a success and eat the remaining peanuts with glee and pride.


Want to come to the next one? let us know on [email protected] and we will add you to the guest list.


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