Matter 2015 CES Roundup

Matter 2015 CES Roundup

If there’s something you should know about us here at Matter is that we’re all mega Tech and Gadget geeks, so what better way for us to indulge our inner nerd than the Consumer Electronics Show 2015, (the biggest annual Tech Show in the world)!!

Unfortunately for us, work commitments meant we were unable to attend, although that hasn’t stopped us keeping up with the goss’ and true to form we have some opinions on the subject.

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So without further adieu, we give you “Matters Digital highlights for 2015”; our top three finds that we believe will change the way you innovate and collaborate over the next 12 months.




We’re massive fans of scrums, agile, and collaboration here at Matter, with post-its, sharpies and paper forming as big a part of our day as coffee and Apple Macs; so we are really digging the Fuku Collab Screen. This giant tablet would make an awesome addition to our office and get everyone working together on a large scale.

Full scale collaboration; imagine holding scrums and sprint planning for your next project around this bad boy!!





Internet of Things

A cloud connected plant pot, what’s not to like?! If like some of us, you love plants but haven’t the foggiest clue on how to look after them (or are just hopelessly forgetful), then this is absolutely the must have product for you. A smart plant pot that connects to your devices and allows you to water and check soil levels remotely. Plus with a database of over 8000 plants there’s bound to be something for everyone.



Some of you may have received our 3D printed Christmas gifts a few weeks ago, but if you were unfortunately not one of the lucky few, no worries! We’re aching to get our hands on these new filaments from MakerBot, they allow you to print in replica metal, plastic, or wood. Whilst not retaining the same strength as the original materials, they make damn good models! Expect to see something new from us in this area soon.




Finally, if any of you are into 3D printing, be sure to check out Fuel3D – we are pumped to be working with these guys who produce state of the art 3D scanners; a perfect compliment to any 3D printer and ideal for all you makers out there!

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