The 9 features of highly successful channel shift projects.

The 9 features of highly successful channel shift projects.

Channel-shift projects are rooted in cost-savings associated with moving customers away from expensive phone calls to cheaper ways of satisfying customer demands.

The 9 key features we’ve seen in really successful channel shift projects are:

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1. They are Data-driven

Channel shift projects that start by collecting data from across the business have a good foundation to work from in understanding why customers are contacting them.  That data comes from a wide variety of sources; call-centre wrap codes, call listening, website and mobile analytics, application volumes and complaint volumes are all useful in understanding customer behaviour.

2. They Validate changes by running experiments

Even with outstanding data to work from any change designed to move customers from one channel to another needs to be proven, both so that you can identify other places to apply the same technique and to prove the investment in the change has made a return.  This validated approach will sit well with your CFO and the board.

3. They focus on Customers not technology

Understanding that technology changes will not deliver channel shift targets is fundamental to allocating budget to activities which have impact.  Channel shift projects that recognise a wording change in sales material can have a double digit change impact to call volumes are able to deliver substantial savings quickly.  

4. They work on Understanding  their customer’s mind.

Engaging phycologists in your channel shift project is a proven way to get inside your customer’s head.  Once you are able to understand the science of their behaviours you can create changes that will reduce their need to call as well as ensure they use the appropriate channel.

5. They set the bar high.

Setting a high bar for any change to meet sets expectations as to the level of change required.  By setting channel shift targets as high as 50% your experience design team will produce innovations that match expectations.  We have found that channel shift projects with targets as high as 90% consistently produce double digit channel shift.

6. They are Innovative and creative.

To achieve excellence you need to recognise changes in society and technology and create experiences that align to these changes.  Channel shift projects that take advantage of innovative approaches such as peer-to-peer FAQs, Transparent processes and artificial intelligence are able to achieve higher Channel shift targets than those which do not.

7. They are Open and visible to everyone.

Channel shift does not happen in a vacuum.  Ensuring there are ways to show people from all over the organisation what is happening and why not only helps them understand their role in your channel shift project but also creates a source of new ideas to help you over achieve on your channel shift targets. 

8. They are structured by customer journey. 

Moving mountains is difficult but moving wheelbarrows is easy.  Structuring your channel shift project in small, measurable cycles that focus on customer journeys provides focus and removes noise.  With the complex environments in which channel shift projects take place this approach allows teams to pull together in the same direction. 

9. They energise people involved.

The best channel shift projects recognise that it’s a team effort.  By using workshops and events to bring people together and explore what is possible they bring energy into the organisation.  Energising people from across the organisation who are needed to make change happen, results in quicker results and a virtuous circle of energy develops.

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